Turn Your Oranges Into Jack-O-Lanterns

Jack-o-lantern Oranges

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to break the bank! You can find everyday items, put a little pumpkin spin on them and voila – you’re got the Halloween spirit. For instance, you can take something as simple as an orange (naval, clementine, cutie…whatever you have lying around the house) and turn it into a mini jack-o-lantern. Seriously, how cute are these cuties! My prediction – these oranges become the new hot commodity in your house.

Jack-o-lantern Oranges

While you could decorate these “mini pumpkins” using a permanent marker, I would only do that if you don’t intend to eat them. And really…are you going to be able to keep yourself from snacking on these adorable oranges?! So, to be on the safe side, I recommend using an edible marker to make your little faces. 

Jack-o-lantern Oranges

If you want to keep things classic, go with a black edible marker. But like carving a jack-o-lantern is a personal art project so too are these colored cuties so feel free to use any edible marker color your heart desires! 

The total cost for all of my materials was as follows. To be fair, I was going to buy the oranges anyways for my kids to snack on so really only the markers were an additional cost. 

Navel Oranges – 5$6.03
Clementine Oranges – 1 bag$6.99
Edible Markers$5.20

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Jack-o-lantern Oranges
Jack-o-lantern Oranges
Jack-o-lantern Oranges

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