Be A Hero With These Vampire Donuts!

Vampire Donuts

Who says kids have to have all the fun this Halloween? Us old working fogies can have fun too – and our fun usually involves food…because, yum! You’ll be the office hero when your coworkers see you walking in with a box of donuts, but you’ll become a legend when they open the box and see that you’ve turned their donuts into vampires! Okay, so this spooky treat isn’t just for the office; you could also surprise your kids with these donuts for breakfast and you can bet they’ll be running to brag about you to all their friends (every parent’s dream!).

To make these vampirelicious donuts, I used the following items. I already had the Halloween Party Pack from two prior crafts I made (Halloween Gloves and Vampire Gourds), but I included the full cost of it here anyways since I used the teeth from this pack – If you just bought the vampire teeth the cost would be much lower. 

Vampire Donuts
Half Dozen Donuts$2.99
Black Icing$1.99
Red Gel Icing$1.99
Candy Eyes$7.63
Halloween Party Pack – Vampire Teeth$11.99

So, how do you turn these standard confectioners creations into delicious, mouth-watering vampires?

1. Use the black icing and draw the vampire’s hair and eyebrows. To make your donut look more sinister the eyebrows should be down in the middle and up on the ends. 

Vampire Donuts

2. Use some of the black icing you used for the hair on the back of the eyes and secure under the eyebrows.

Vampire Donuts

3. Squeeze your vampire teeth and insert them into the donut holes carefully. Depending on how stiff your vampire teeth are,you may notice a little tearing of the donut as they expand back out.

Vampire Donuts

NOTE: I tried a variety of donuts for this craft and found the glazed donuts work best. Do not try this with cake donuts as mine immediately broke in half when I inserted the teeth. 

4. No one wants a scrawny vampire donut…Use the red gel icing to make it look like your vampire just had a snack as well. Don’t have any red icing, no problem, you can just offer your friends and co-workers a hungry donut vampire. 

Vampire Donuts

5. Enjoy eating the delicious donut and playing with the fun vampire teeth favor!

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Vampire Donuts
Vampire Donuts
Vampire Donuts

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